Nikon D4 Shutter burst in Slow Motion

March 6, 2013Photography, Technical, Video

This video shows in slow motion what happens inside the mirror housing of a Nikon D4 as the shutter is released at 10 Frames per second at 1/200th of a second shutter speed. The vibration created during this short burst is not surprising. Despite the amazing mechanics its surprising how antiquated it all appears, it seems … Read More

Tea in the forest

January 26, 2013Cambridge, Personal, Technique

Creating natural lighting on location with speed lights. During the recent snowy spell in Cambridge I went out with a warm flask of tea and some small Nikon speed lights to try and capture a natural looking environmental portrait. The sun was low and behind my subject and was casting sun beams through the pine … Read More

Ever wanted to rebuild a lens?

March 9, 2010Technical

John Cazolis of Nikon Glass has written an interesting post on rebuilding an old 500mm lens. He goes through the process of sourcing parts and finding dealers to undertake the work. The blog is a great resource for most nikon lenses and other related topics.