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Downloading Images

From within a gallery its possible to download images if permission has been provided. The process for downloading is very straightforward. There are various options to download images in batches or individually and at various sizes. I will explain the steps for downloading single or multiple images and also how you can select the size.

STEP 1: 

When viewing a gallery you will see on the top right a large blue ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. Press this.


You now have the option to Select All images or make your own selection.

To select all images simply press the ‘SELECT ALL’ at top right and  ‘CLEAR SELECTION’ if you change your mind. After pressing ‘Select All’ the image thumbnails will be highlighted in blue indicating they are selected. Then press the ‘Continue’ button at bottom right of the window

If you only want to download a small selection of images. Follow the steps above and instead of pressing ‘Select All’, click and hold shift to select multiple images consecutively. If you want to select batches of non consecutive images just hold the cmd+shift keys while selecting images (You may be familiar with using the same technique when selecting files on your computer). When your finished choosing press ‘Continue’

STEP 3: 


After pressing ‘Continue’ the image secltion window will close and a new window willl open. You then have a drop down menu with the option to choose the size of image(s) required. The defualt is ‘Orginal Size’ (if this option has been provided.) In most instances ‘Original Size’ should be left as the Download Type. You can if required at this stage select a smaller size to download. This might be preferable if you would like a faster download time. Please note that the image reproduction quality might be effected if a smaller size is selected.


After choosing your image download size press ‘continue’. A link will now be generated and displayed. When you press the link, downloading of the images should begin. You can also right click and choose the location of where the files should be downloaded to your computer. Otherwise the files will be placed in your default download folder.

The files will be downloaded as .zip file to your default location on your computer. The .zip file will need to be uncompressed in order to view the image files. To do this just double click the .zip folder and follow the instructions. That’s it.

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