Client Area

Client Proofing Page

In order to make image selection and ordering streamlined. There is an image proofing link supplied with your delivery note or located within the low resolution  gallery. Selecting images using the Proofing Page is very straight forward.

STEP 1: 

You will notice as you hover the mouse over images that an + appears in the top right of the thumbnail. Clicking this + will select that image. Each image selected will now have a tick in the top right corner.

If you would like to view the image larger while making selections. You can open the image at full screen size and use keyboard controls to select or move to the next/previous image. A key to the keyboard controls is located in the bottom right of the full size image page.



Once you have completed making selections you can review these using the ‘REVIEW FAVOURITES’ button location in the top right of the page.

STEP 3: 


Once you have reviewed and are happy with your selections you can send these directly to me for processing. While on the reviewing page press the  ‘SEND’ button, once clicked this will send your selections to me. A message will appear to let you know your submission has been successful.

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