Nikon D4 Shutter burst in Slow Motion

March 6, 2013Photography, Technical, Video

This video shows in slow motion what happens inside the mirror housing of a Nikon D4 as the shutter is released at 10 Frames per second at 1/200th of a second shutter speed. The vibration created during this short burst is not surprising. Despite the amazing mechanics its surprising how antiquated it all appears, it seems … Read More

Will Video Kill The Photographer? Hasselblad vs Red Epic

November 9, 2012Technical, Video

This is in an interesting video I came across via fstoppers blog, Comparing the 14mp Red Epic with a Hasselblad H3d-22. The video shows headshot photographer Peter Hurley shooting a model with the Red Epic and then pulling stills from the footage to be printed and compared to stills shot with the Hasselblad in the … Read More