Lightroom Catalog Import Error Solution Fix

August 25, 2010Lightroom, Technical

I recently tried to import some old Lightroom 3 catalogs into my current archive and found that I kept getting the same error message ‘Lightroom could not import this catalog because of an unknown error’ After attempting to try and fix the problem, I found this effective solution on Joe Reifers blog. Read more here¬†Lightroom … Read More

Approachable Corporate Portrait

August 16, 2010Commercial Photography, Portrait, Technique

I often get asked to produce portraits which are friendly and approachable especially corporate portraits. Traditionally these tended to be be very formal boardroom, desk type shots with very little character. The need to have web profiles, avatars and press releases has contributed to the style of these portraits changing. There is often a limited … Read More

Online Client Gallery

August 4, 2010Commercial Photography, News, Technical

It is now possible for clients to view images after a photo shoot online without downloading any files. Full resolution files can be selected and shared with the lightbox facility. In addition to commercial commissioned work, the online gallery serves as an archive for stock images available for purchase under licence. As well as the … Read More