Cambridgeshire Snow

January 12, 2010Personal

Took a short walk around Thetford Forest recently. Very cold day and even though Cambridgeshire did not have as much snow as the rest of the South East, it still felt very wintery. We were lucky enough to briefly catch site of a Monkjack deer. Its somewhere in the images below!

Colour IQ Test

January 6, 2010Technical

Test how well you see colour with x-rite’s interesting Colour IQ Test best results get zero. I managed to score 17.

Avatar Social Media Photography

January 5, 2010Portrait

Currently planning and designing new social media photography service. The growth in social media website’s and services has meant that many people are using image avatars as a way to stand out from the crowd. While the principles of taking the portrait are the same the attention is shifted to making the image have more … Read More